Charts, brand licensing & partnerships, product & data support, marketing to consumers through our social media and website – there are many ways TurnTable Charts can support your business needs.


TTC is a B2B and B2C business, offering to individuals and companies, a wide range of products and services to global music and media industries. We offer services tailored to the demands of labels, artiste managers, studio houses, PR houses, advertising agencies, consumer brands and many more.

The analysis and consumer behavior trends from our database enables us to provide data support and solutions for any business with an interest in and requirement for Nigerian and African entertainment.

With our new No. 1 Award Initiative, we serve music labels, publishers, distributors, A&Rs and management companies looking to celebrate their chart-toppers in Nigeria (singles, streaming milestones and albums).

TTC offer data-backed content solutions to media partners, licensees and creators of consumer-facing products through the provision of current and historic chart information as well as licensing and syndication of charts.

Our Services

No. 1 Award Initiative

Celebrate your No. 1 singles in Nigeria by ordering your own No. 1 award. The purpose of this new initiative is to celebrate success, amplify unique achievement and recognize the unsung heroes of artistic milestones – from record label executives, producers, songwriters, A&Rs, engineers and more. You can order your own No. 1 award provided there is sufficient evidence of your role in the creation of a single that peaked at No. 1 on the Nigeria Top 100.

B2B Data

TTC offers insight into consumer behavior trends needed by independent and biggest music companies, local and global movie studios, artiste & talent management companies, advertising brands, companies that provide consumer products and more. TTC offers solution any business with an interest in and requirement of Nigerian music, as we provide a comprehensive overview of consumption patterns as well as historical and emerging consumer behavior. To discuss your business need, please reach out to


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Brand Licensing, Partnership & Syndication

In two years, we have created a unique brand with partnership with both local and international organizations including international record labels, music distributors, video-sharing platforms, social media platforms, media companies, news organization and many more. Our charts are comprehensive; flagship charts are Nigeria Top 100, streaming to airplay charts. Artiste Top 100, Producer Top 100; genres charts include Afro-Pop, R&B, Street-POP, Hiphop, Gospel, Alternative which focuses on all the genres not associated with mainstream; Traditional which cuts across different traditional genre associated with Africa (Juju, Fuji, Egedege, Arewa Pop, Zulu and many more), and other charts such as Top International Songs and NXT Emerging Artiste Top Songs.

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