TurnTable in 2021 & Beyond

Writers: Ayomide Oriowo, Adegoke Simi

December 19th, 2020

We had a dream to create something unprecedented in the history of Nigeria and in July that dream came to life. We embarked on a mission to redefine the Nigerian music landscape by creating credible music charts that gives an accurate representation of music consumption in Nigeria. Six months later, TurnTable Charts have an Airplay Chart, TV Top Songs, Streaming Chart, one of only two Charts in the world that publishes the Triller Chart, and the groundbreaking TurnTable Top 50 Chart. What a year! 2020 has been a huge year for TurnTable. Even as we wrap up the year with the maiden edition of the TurnTable Magazine, we can’t be more delighted for a successful 2020 and also excited for what the future holds. TurnTable is committed to telling the Nigerian story and we plan on telling the stories of other areas of Nigerian entertainment. TurnTable has so far been telling the Nigerian music story and we plan to continue shedding light on uncharted areas of Nigerian music. Come 2021, TurnTable Charts will be launching the TurnTable Albums Chart , which will capture the best performing albums in Nigeria. Also, paid streaming platforms will be added to the data points of all charts published by TurnTable Charts including the Top 50 and the proposed Albums Chart. In 2021, TurnTable will be launching the TurnTable Box office , which will capture the ticket sales, consumer data, and general growth of the Nigerian movie industry. Turntable will also be launching the TurnTable Ratings/Audience Measurement System , a platform dedicated to audience measurement of radio and TV audience in Nigeria. The measurement system will capture the most-watched shows and programs on TV channels in Nigeria, analysis of consumption according to demographics, the radio stations with the most audience and more insightful information on TV & radio in Nigeria. TurnTable will be rebranding the TurnTable NXT to give upcoming artistes a platform to get their music to a larger audience. The new NXT would give upcoming artistes a representation that is lacking in an industry that is predominated by mainstream artistes. TurnTable is committed to collating and documenting the growth of the Nigerian entertainment industry. We look forward to a successful and ground breaking 2021 for TurnTable and the Nigerian entertainment industry. Above all, we look forward to continuing to tell the Nigerian Story. But that’s just 2021, TurnTable has further plans on the growth and development of Nigerian entertainment, you just have to stay with us.

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