Editor's Note

Adeayo Adebiyi

December 19th, 2020

One year ago, the maiden edition of TurnTable Magazine was released. As at the time of its release, TurnTable Charts was barely six months old and during that time we were able to display clear intention of the direction we were headed. The first edition of TurnTable Magazine was a pointer to our vision to build a sustainable and unprecedented framework for music documentation in Nigeria. The positive reviews and wide reception the first edition received was to us a general recognition of the contributions of TurnTable Charts to music documentation and advancement in Nigeria. It’s said that the first time is always the hardest and after the first time it gets easier. This expression is not lost on us as our earlier experience gave us a glimpse of what we can achieve and also a better understanding of the task at hand. Since the release of TurnTable Magazine vol. 001, ```TTC``` has gone on to conquer new grounds and ventured into unexplored territories in a quest to build a music chart publication that will be on par with the fast-growing Nigerian music industry. At the same time building a company that will serve as the third eye for artistes, labels, stakeholders, and the entire music industry. In line with our vision of building a reputable chart publication and a brand that will play a pivotal role in positioning Nigerian music for global dominance, it is with great pleasure that we bring to you the second edition of TurnTable Magazine. vol. 002 contains carefully selected interviews and features from top industry players that will increase consumer education and also introduce our readers to other exciting areas of the Nigerian music industry. We believe that this edition of TurnTable Magazine will usher in a new dawn for TurnTable charts and serve as a point of reference for the future shifts we will make in the industry. We will like to thank our partners and readers for their continuous patronage and support which has played a significant part in the huge success we have recorded in so little time. We reserve special gratitude and send all our love to our staff for their invaluable efforts in the upward mobility of TurnTable Charts and in making this magazine a success. To you all, we say: Thank you for an unforgettable 2021 and cheers to an amazing 2022. Adeayo Adebiyi Editors-in-Chief, TurnTable Charts (TTC)

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