End of the Year Charts 2022

Kayode Babatola & Bimbo Babatola

January 2nd, 2023

The 2022 End of the Year Charts

The 2022 Year-End Charts employs a multi-metric methodology that combines all platforms in Nigeria - streaming and airplay. Additionally, data for the Global Nigerian Song and Global Nigerian Artiste are obtained from Billboard Year End Charts. These two charts represent the biggest Nigerian artiste across the world - which differs from the rest of the TurnTable End of the Year Charts that only employs data originating from Nigeria.

Asake is the No. 1 Artiste on YouTube Nigeria. TurnTable incorrectly reported that Burna Boy was the No. 1 artiste on the platform due to inconsistency in the weekly data provided on YouTube NG. However, this has been rectified and Asake rightly claims the honor of the foremost artiste on the platform during the year.

Discover the Year-End Oficial Nigeria Top 100 here; you can find the Year-End Official Artiste Top 100 of 2022 here. On both charts, the number associated represents the artiste or producer's total chart points in 2022 using an original TurnTable weight system.

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