Morravey is Ready for Stardom

Taiwo Olabode

November 9th, 2023

The digitalization of the world through social media has turned the world made up of over 7 billion people into a global village. For many, social media has been a tool for making meaningful connections. For others, it has afforded them life-changing opportunities from the comfort of their homes. This was the case for Morravey who was sought out, and subsequently signed by Davido after coming across her freestyle video on his Instagram feed. After delivering an iconic performance on ‘Timeless’, Morravey established herself as one of Afrobeats' most exciting talents. In just a few months, she went from being a medical student who led a simple life to a singer on the cusp of global stardom

If the promise that she showed on ‘In The Garden’ earned her a good head start in the industry, Morravey is looking to cement her spot with the release of her debut EP, ‘RAVI’, an amazing body of work that fully showcases her talent. Six months since her debut as cover star on Vol. 004 of Industry Digest, Morravey is more confident than ever and speaks with the assurance of an artiste ready for stardom. In this interview with TTC, Morravey talks about her journey so far, dealing with fame, and the making of her debut EP.

TTC: It's been about 6 months since you signed to one of the biggest labels in Nigeria. How has the experience been so far?

Morravey: The experience so far has been exciting and life-changing. I’ve worked with a lot of amazing people and I've experienced a lot of great things. there’s been a lot of growth. Of course, this is the biggest label and it does put me on my feet. It feels surreal to be here and most of all, it feels natural. Thanks to 001 (Davido) for the opportunity.

TTC: What has your experience with stardom been?

Morravey: My experience with stardom’s been a great one so far. I’m still getting used to it, although I don’t feel any different from who I was before fame. However, it feels strange when someone walks up to me to say they know me and then I have to remember “Oh I’m Morravey.” it’s a wonderful feeling.

TTC: Port Harcourt has produced some of the biggest talents in Nigerian music. From Timaya to Burna Boy, Omah Lay, and even Ajebo Hustlers. How does it feel to be next in the line of stellar musicians?

Morravey: it is a great honor having to come from a city that produced these heavyweights. I feel special to be here. As is it, I’m here also to give my all and continue to put the city on the global map.


TTC: Leaving medicine to pursue a career in music was a daring step. How fulfilling has it been to pursue your passion full-time?

Morravey: Leaving medicine to pursue music was a big step. it wasn’t easy trying to mix them up, but here I am. It is the best decision I've made, having to pursue what I'm more passionate about. Studying medicine is a huge deal, especially in Nigerian schools, but I’m more comfortable making music. This is my place.

TTC: Have your parents changed their stance on your career choice? 

Morravey: Yes. they’re now supportive. although it usually wasn’t like this to be honest. 

TTC:  The success of "In The Garden" off the 'Timeless' album certainly shot you into the limelight. How much has that changed your lifestyle? 

Morravey: There have been big changes honestly, and it’s been amazing. Now I get to travel the world and meet great people. I also get to perform and share my music on big stages. I’m only looking forward to what’s coming.

TTC: Let's talk about the ‘RAVI’ EP. What were you aiming to achieve when you started the creation process?

Morravey: I just wanted to create music and be versatile with it. to get to this point, I made a bunch of amazing songs that we’d also get to share. It was just vibes, it was just me putting my creativity into it. 

TTC: Your EP contains different themes that explore love. How important is the concept of love to you?

Morravey: The concept of love is important to everyone. I sing for the people who can’t find genuine love. I hope they can connect with my music. I sing for the people who have found genuine love, I hope they can connect with me too. Most importantly, to those who give out genuine love, I hope genuine love finds you.

TTC: What inspires your style?


Morravey: I like to be comfortable in what I wear. I love baggy clothing. my style just comes from comfort, anything that’s comfortable and makes me look classy.

TTC: ‘Magician’ is your second official collaboration with Davido. What do you like the most about working with him?

Morravey: Working with him is the easiest thing. He’s very supportive. It is all vibes in the studio, so I’m more in your element, and the fact that it’s him, you’re definitely on your feet. As a result, you give your best. I love working with him every time.

TTC: Nigerian women like Tiwa Savage, Tems, and Ayra Starr are channeling girl power, dominating the charts and taking the sound globally. How excited are you to start your own journey to the top?

Morravey: Shoutout to the women in the industry breaking ground and paving the way, the likes of Ayra Starr, Tems, Aunty Tiwa, and all the other beautiful brave women changing the narratives. I didn’t come this far just to come this far. I will also do great things. I look forward to making myself proud and making these women proud too

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