Ligi's 'Finish Me': A Musical Journey Into The Heart

by TurnTable Charts

Sep 15, 2023, 1:02:35 AM


Introducing "Finish Me," an honest and unembellished confession of a love so intense that language falls short in capturing its true significance.

Born from a profoundly personal encounter with love, "Finish Me" probes into the depths of passion, vulnerability, and the nuances of matters of the heart.

However, as the song unfolds, it unveils the intricate layers of this profound love. Ligi sings, "I dey cockblock myself," signifying the act of missing out on other potential romantic endeavors and life prospects in the name of this intense love.

Like many intense love stories, "Finish Me" reveals the undercurrent of unspoken desires and emotions. The chorus, "This love go finish me," not only expresses the overwhelming nature of love but also a yearning for a relationship that defies clear definition.

Ligi speaks on the record “I wrote the first verse and chorus with my guitar. Singing about my feelings felt so good I pulled up my camera, made a video and posted it on Instagram. The video got a lot of traction which boosted my courage and drove me to actually record the song.”

LiGi is a burgeoning artist in the Nigerian music circuit, admired not only for her remarkable vocal range but also her versatility in experimenting with different musical sounds and her gift for narrative storytelling.




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