Dopesticks’ Forthcoming EP: ‘Anoda Dimension’

by TurnTable Charts

Feb 9, 2024, 11:29:39 AM

With the music year finally getting into full gear, multitalented act, Dopestiks, is one of the budding artists who promises to be a delight in 2024. The beatmaker is about to reveal Anoda Dimension to his persona in his quest to transition into a full-blown singer. His to-be-released EP will reflect the growth and refinement evident in Dopestiks' musicianship.

To truly appreciate the significance of Anoda Dimension, a glimpse into Dopestiks' humble beginnings becomes essential. Born Andrew Kabo in the enchanting landscape of Ibadan, he navigated his early education there before diving into the enchanting realm of music production, honing his skills through YouTube tutorials and turning his passion into a profitable art.

Transitioning from behind the scenes, Dopestiks ventured into vocal recording, revealing a new facet of his musical persona and thrusting himself into the limelight.

Anoda Dimension, a six-track EP with a deep solemn introductory piece, delves into two key aspects of Dopestiks' life – his pursuit of excellence and recognition in the first half, followed by a celebration of the beautiful women in his life in the latter half. The EP, enriched with minimalist, heartfelt lyrics, is poised to elevate Dopestiks into the upper echelons of the music industry.

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Embracing the dynamic sounds of Afrobeats both vocally and in production; Anoda Dimension promises maximum enjoyment with Dopestiks' distinct high-pitched vocal texture. Remarkably, the artist took the reins vocally for most of the project, only seeking collaboration on the final track with rising talents Rybeena and Fola.

While Dopestiks allowed space for his producer colleagues to shine, with JayScopeBeatz ("Manifest”), StringsBeat ("Dollar Sign" and "Honeywell"), and Nuelbeatz ("Genie") crafting the sonic landscape, he maintained a hands-on approach. Co-producing tracks 3 and 4, and entirely overseeing the production of the closing record, Dopestiks ensured his unique touch permeated the EP.

Despite the collaboration with three producers, each track, except the fourth record, was skillfully mixed and mastered by JUSTPERERMYX, with Joe you trippin taking the reins for "Honeywell."

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Anticipation for Anoda Dimension is building as the release date is set for February 23. As a sneak peek, the promotional single "Genie" drops on February 9, offering listeners a taste of what's to come from this career-defining EP. Prepare for the journey by presaving Anoda Dimension now.

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