4 Years Later, Remembering Chike’s ‘Boo Of The Booless’

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Feb 16, 2024, 6:22:24 AM


When Chike released "Boo Of The Booless" on February 14, 2020, he understood that much of a great R&B/Pop album is simply telling a good story. He already had the appeal, an angelic voice and mystery to his story, all key elements to be a star.

Crafting a compelling story for a project is something that music fans appreciate and criticize, but the top NG R&B/pop stars—2Face, P Square, Banky W excel at packaging their work. They can change reality into an appropriate kind of the truth, and it’s amazing when the content exceeds the production.

On Boo Of The Booless, the stars align in Chike’s favor: He is an independent artist, an artist that merged his local dialect with English to convey his emotions, the listener felt the love he experienced, and the heartbreaks left the listener asking questions, “Who broke Chike’s heart?”, “Is it based on a real life experience?” Chike didn’t provide answers and that fueled more questions.

However, the truth hardly mattered, people found solace in his music, the album peaked at  #1 on the Apple Music Albums Chart and Deezer Albums Charts.

Chike flourished in two distinct periods of Nigeria's R&B/Pop—the modern R&B craze of the early 2000s, the era that gave R&B a majestic sound without sacrificing its emotional impact and the urban R&B that blended the smooth-talking methods of Highlife with soulful and expressive records

Chike’s coming-of-age story gave R&B & Pop the sort of widespread appreciation the genre had rested heavily on Flavour’s shoulders.

Up to that year, Chike was enhancing his writing competencies, he hails from a family of singers. In his hometown, his aunts had singing talents and were in bands; his brothers had enrolled in the choir. Chike, however, only embraced the idea of becoming a singer in 2014

He participated at The Voice Nigeria 2016 Music Competition. His voice was an instant attention-grabber. His cover of James Arthur’s “Roses” had everyone stop and wonder who embodied the vocals of Tank and the warmth of Maxwell. 

2face Idibia, one of the judges spotted the talent at the very first line and pressed the bell indicating interest, closely followed by Waje. By the end of the performance, every judge had turned and was on their feet trying to convince Chike to join his or her camp.

He finished as a runner-up, and inked a record deal with Universal Music Group Nigeria. His career was set to sail into the sunrise.

He released Fancy You and Out Of Love, but by 2017, He and UMG parted ways. The departure allowed him to wield his music to his tune. A musical architect of love, crafting melodies that score our romantic comedies, pain and memories.

Boo Of The Booless” is his illustration of a romantic man who sees vulnerability as a necessary step to a genuine partnership within 46 minutes.

The storyline is cemented inIf You No Love a song that conveys vulnerability, frustration, and passion through their R&B storytelling, allowing the average Nigerian to connect with the song, when they say “Tell me, make I know now” you can hear the frustration and urgency in his voice, the need for clarity. 

What makes Chike more appealing is that he looks like he should be the one dishing out heartbreaks, but he is singing about going through the five stages of grief as he gets ditched via text on Out Of Love. The reality that no one is beyond heartbreak, gives more meaning to the popular line “Na everybody go chop breakfast”.

Insecurefinds Chike in a web of insecurities as he questions everything “The way you smiling na the same way/wey you dey smile at me na the same way/ The way you laughing na the same way/Wey you dey laugh with me.” and then admits he is aware that it is a turn off and knows his behavior would drive her away.

Despite heartbreak, we are always ready to love, we fiend for the one that lights up our world, so when he sings “If you ever need saving/I will be running to/ Running, running, running to you” on Running you know it is a call and response with the listener, creating an atmosphere that tells a brother that chivalry isn’t dead, “here’s how you get her” or in modern terms “apply pressure”.

Forever is the perfect soundtrack for exciting first dates, the passionate intimacy of a night spent together, and the eternal bond of marriage.

On Roju, Chike applies the art of sweet-talking as he borrows production from other genres to woo his lover, “Akwaugo, when I call your name, Shakara for me” captures the blissful feelings that come with being in-love.

Notably, the less popular tracks on this project aren't filler; rather, they are like concealed delights overshadowed by the album's exceptional moments.

It is rare to see someone sing about heartbreak and in the same album, in the same vein, implore you to forgive and let it go, he pleas “If true peace is what you want/And if long life is what you need” as the production melts your heart with every tune.

In "Faithful," the challenge of forgetting a former lover is emphasized, especially when meeting them sparks feelings and memories from the past. Along with this, there’s a continuous effort to remain loyal and faithful to the present partner. A scenario many people can empathize with.

Four years later, Chike is still in the trade of delivering sincerity. His voice entices you. He sings as if he has lived an adventure and documents them in his notebook, with every sound, and you perceive the love, passion and heartbreak. His voice covers you like a comfortable blanket, offering relief in a world that can sometimes look daunting.

He makes the listener feel heard, understood, and embraced.

It's been four years since ‘Boo Of The Booless’, but it has remained a beacon through the ups and downs of love, reminding us of the lasting power of true bonds.

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