The Music Executive from Delta State finding foot in the Entertainment Space— Baanty

by TurnTable Charts

Mar 19, 2024, 9:35:51 AM

With the international market gravitating towards the African pop culture in Nigeria. Music executive like Kelvin Ikpon, fondly called Baanty, is creating a name for himself with the Baanty Music Movement, a music community he formed in 2022, with the sole aim to connect musical talents and creative from Delta State to the entertainment hub, which is widely known as Lagos -- a state known for incubating talents and positioning them for the global market. Delta commonly known as The Big Heart, is creating a name for itself in the music space as music executives like Ogaga Sakpaide, known as Chike’s manager, paving the way for other music executives in Delta state.

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Like Baanty, who is creating a safe space for creatives and music talents in Delta to connect the dots. With the help of Baanty’s entertainment company, BNM Entertainment – founded in 2023. He founded the label, with the sole aim to empower new generation artist from the state. “Delta is blessed with many talents aside the mineral resources like crude oil, which the media projects” – Baanty says. When asked about the challenges he faced when venturing into creating Baanty Music Movement, he answered, “It wasn’t easy, with zero support— trying to convince creatives and musical talent in Agbor. To finding my foot in the Delta show biz.” He added “I am not just about making waves; but opening doors for creative directors and musical talent in Delta State”.

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