From Artiste To Executive: Ajani Hazan Babatunde’s Journey In The Music Industry

by TurnTable Charts

Mar 28, 2024, 2:51:12 PM

TurnTable Charts Engages in a Candid Conversation with Ajani Hazan Babatunde: A Digital Marketer and the Visionary Behind Flashfame Records

In an exclusive tête-à-tête, Ajani Hazan Babatunde, a seasoned digital marketer and the brains behind Digitizers LTD, a prominent digital marketing company operating in both the UK and Nigeria, sat down with TurnTable Charts. But that’s not all—Ajani wears another hat as well. 

He is the proud owner of Flashfame Records, a management company turned record label. The label’s debut was marked by the signing of Micle, who stands as the label’s first and sole artiste.

Before venturing into the world of record labels, Ajani cut his teeth as a recording artiste. Back in 2017 and 2018, he collaborated with notable artistes like Zinoleesky and 9ice. However, financial constraints posed significant challenges, hindering Ajani from reaching a wider audience with his music. These hurdles ignited his passion for music marketing—a journey that would empower not only his own skills but also elevate emerging artistes.

As someone who has navigated both the artistic and business sides of the music industry, how do you balance creativity with commercial viability when scouting and developing talent for Flashfame Records?

Honestly, when it comes to scouting for an artiste, all I look for in an artistes is the sound, the voice, every other thing can be worked on. I’m a songwriter, a creative director and a marketer.

Collaborations have been a significant part of your journey, both as an artiste and a businessman. How do you approach collaboration within the industry, and how do you see Flashfame Records fitting into the larger ecosystem of music partnerships and alliances?

The Afro sound is on the world map and it’s amazing right now, in fact once you put out good music and you get the audience in Nigeria or Africa at large, the international artists are always ready to put you on their song and this is a plus for every Afro beat artiste and label. 

Collaboration is essential and in the long run I have plans to make Flashfame a label as big as Sony, EMPIRE whereby we can have artistes signed from every part of the world 

Could you tell us more about Micle, the first artist signed to Flashfame Records? What made you decide to sign Micle, and what can we expect from their music?

When I signed Micle, I had no plan to sign any artiste at that moment but his sound and style of music is really great and that caught me. How did I come across him? It’s a long story, let’s keep that for another day .

Your vision for Flashfame Records includes adding value to the Afrobeats genre and creating opportunities for talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. Can you elaborate on specific initiatives or projects you have in mind to achieve these goals?

Like I said earlier, the plan for Flashfame is to able to recruit many talents across the world and we are on the ride already with Micle as the first 

Mentorship and guidance are essential components of fostering talent. How do you personally engage with artistes signed to Flashfame Records to help them navigate the complexities of the music industry and realize their full potential?

The good thing is I’m a songwriter and a creative director as well , so most times I’m in the studio with Micle and it’s something I will be doing with every artiste signed to Flashfame, our next drop for Micle is Ayaya and I wrote the song, amongst others. 

Lastly, reflecting on your journey and the obstacles you've overcome, what words of wisdom would you impart to aspiring music executives and entrepreneurs who aspire to follow in your footsteps?

Believe in yourself and everything you do, put this energy in everything you do and if you fall you have to stand up, look backward to understand why you fell, look forward and keep going. You will get there.

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