Rose May Alaba Returns with Upbeat Love Anthem Titled “More”

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Mar 29, 2024, 7:17:34 AM

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(March 27, 2024) - Sensational singer-songwriter Rose May Alaba is back with her second single of the year, an infectious and energetic record titled, "More."

Following the success of her chart-topping single "Lockdown 2.0”, which debuted at number 61 on the TurnTable Hot 100 and garnered an impressive 1 million views in its first three weeks, Rose May reunites with her trusted producer, Babybeats to deliver her latest offering, “More”

"More" is an effervescent dance anthem infused with the infectious energy of Afrobeats and the smooth grooves of Amapiano. A club-ready heater primed to dominate playlists and TikTok challenges, the track showcases Alaba's remarkable fluency in English, German, and Yoruba, a testament to her multicultural background and her desire to bridge cultures through her music.

Sonically, "More" explodes with pulsating rhythms, layered percussion, and a bounce that creates an irresistible invitation to move. Alaba's soulful vocals soar effortlessly over the groove, weaving a tale of passionate love and yearning. The lyrics paint a picture of a burgeoning romance, where Alaba pleads with her lover to reciprocate the intensity of her feelings. Lines like "If I no see you, I fit daku" (“If I don’t see you, I can faint") showcase her vulnerability and her desire for a deeper connection.

With "More," Rose May Alaba proves herself to be a powerful new voice in global music. This infectious anthem is sure to captivate audiences worldwide and solidify her status as a rising star. The song is set to be released on all major streaming platforms on 27th March 2024.


Musician, dancer, and fashionista, Rose May Alaba was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. She writes her songs, plays the piano as well as the guitar, and puts on quite a show with her background dancers. Rose May's strength is her versatile and unique voice. She started doing pop, which got her to the top of the Austrian iTunes Charts, where she landed #1 with her single “Love Me Right.” Performing her original song “Can You Feel It” at the Special Olympics 2017 has been one of her most emotional experiences. She discovered her love for Afrobeats, which brought her back to her father's roots and decided to go to Nigeria to work with producers such as Young Jonn, Kiddominant, Chopstix, Spotless, and more.


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