Mr Vibez Releases New EP ‘Super Nova

by TurnTable Charts

May 10, 2024, 1:38:32 PM

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The trailblazing afro beats artiste Mr. Vibez brings all the good vibes you can think of on his latest EP, “Project Supernova”. He begins the EP with quite the entrance on the track “Headspace” a soft song heavily laced with powerful chorus vocals, in that chant-like style. The artiste makes a fantastic blend of harmonies on this track, kicking off the EP on the perfect path with mainly his vocals shining through, the beautiful music, an accompaniment to his vocal prowess. ‘Headspace’ is just like the name details/depicts describes the entirety of the track. artiste takes us through a journey of his head-space, expressing his thoughts and feelings to his listeners. A strong desire to work hard to get the type of woman and future he desires for himself, to ‘grind’. 

He follows it up with a hot amapiano track ‘Radar’. Radar is the track that lets you know the journey has begun. He transitions perfectly from the slowness of Headspace into the intoxicating energy of Radar as he comes in hard with an Afro-pop feel and perfect amapiano log drums setting you up and ready to groove. It is perfect for a drive around the block and something to jam in traffic.

Following up with Through the Night, A perfect blend of old and new afro beats style as high-life meets afro-pop. Supernova is a well-garnished EP, an exploratory expression and appreciation of the diversity of Nigerian music. Mr. Vibez proves he is more than just an artiste but a musician with a love and passion for good vibes and good music.

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Mr Vibez, also known as Rowland Dominion is quite the dynamic and captivating musician, with a sound that defies boundaries. He is also a genre-bender, dabbling into various elements of music alongside afro beats, such as RnB, Hip-hop, and pop, to mention but a few. He draws his inspiration from various big artists in diverse genres like Bruno Mars, Burnaboy, and Drake, ultimately influencing his style as an artiste. His latest project; Supernova is just the kind of EP to be on the lookout for.

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