Afro-Pop Artiste ChocoBantis Releases 2-Pack Singles “Are You Down” and “Feelings”

by TurnTable Charts

May 10, 2024, 3:53:56 PM

After the successful collaboration and release of “Shut It Down” by Ladipoe and Chocobantis, Chocobantis unfolds a 2-pack single (”Are You Down” & “Feelings”) “Are You Down” being a beautiful tale of promises and affection. The melody delicately reveals Chocobantis charming a girl, weaving a spell with the allure of gifts that promise to bring joy to her heart. Each note paints an exquisite picture of Chocobantis' sincere intentions, creating a mesmerising atmosphere. The recurring question, "Are you Down" becomes a poetic refrain, echoing the profound emotions Chocobantis artfully expresses while “Feelings” embarks on a journey into the realm of Afro soul, Chocobantis unveils “Feelings,” an anthem that encapsulates the heart of love and passion. Infused with pulsating rhythms and soul-stirring lyrics, “Feelings”captivates listeners with its enchanting melodies and evocative Afro soul essence.

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