RunUp is Bringing More to the Plate with His Latest Release, “ON GOD”, Featuring Pallaso

by TurnTable Charts

Jun 11, 2024, 11:24:34 AM

Without resting on their laurels, the new talents are indeed making a difference in the music industry. Kwizera Immanuel, also known as RunUp is deep-rooted in creating remarkable sounds that keep people glued to their speakers. His debut single, “Isabella” is all about him proclaiming his undying love for a maiden. Kwizer’s storytelling skills are sharpened and reflected in his other songs, “Flower” and “DELETE”. His latest release is titled “On God”, a song featuring Pallaso, a Ugandan musician, where they speak of his rise to glory and repetitive appreciation of the creator.  he’s signed to Songplux Records and which is founded by a Nigerian music executive, Chinedu Ezionu.

At an early stage in his career, RunUp is starting to make collaborations with other artistes outside Rwanda, boosting his audience and enhancing a wider reach. In an interview with Rwanda’s Kwizera, he talks about his rise to stardom beyond Africa and his future plans with music. 

TTC: Hello. Can we get to meet you? Can you tell us how you started singing and your motivation so far?

KWIZERA: My name is RunUp and I’m from Kigali, Rwanda. I started singing at an early age, I was among the choir members at my mum's church when I was between 11 and 12 years old. At age 14, I was a pianist as well. Then in high school, I became a DJ and that’s when I got my name RunUp. So, all these motivated me to do music.

TTC: Since you released “Isabella”, you've worked on projects like “Flowers” and “DELETE”, how do you feel about the major turn-up for these releases? 

KWIZERA: I feel good and I didn't expect the positive support I got to be honest. Since I dropped my first song which is “Isabella”, I have gotten tremendous support from Rwandans and other East African communities. 

TTC: You partnered up with Ugandan musician, Pallaso to release “On God”, can you walk us through the inception of the idea to the release of the music?

KWIZERA: I recorded “On God” just like other songs at my producer studio, Hervis Beatz. When I was about to drop the song, my manager GaxMoney told me that he wanted Pallaso to be on the song and they both have a good relationship. 

Later on, he sent Pallaso the song and Pallaso liked it. Some days after, he sent back his verse and the rest is history.

TTC: What are your major plans going forward? Should we look forward to more collaborations with musicians outside Rwanda? 

KWIZERA: My major plan currently is for me to improve my music skills and sound quality. I’m also looking forward to working with Nigerian artistes and other East African artistes as well.

TTC: What can you say are the setbacks you face while making music and how do you overcome them? 

KWIZERA: As of now, I have no setbacks. Since I dropped my first song, things have been really good. 

TTC: Do ****you have any upcoming music and what should your fans be expecting? 

KWIZERA: I’m working on a new project and I’m looking forward to its release as soon as possible. 

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