Nigerian Rhythms and Antiguan Roots Blend in Tigua's ‘This Is Lagos’ EP

by TurnTable Charts

Jun 22, 2024, 9:11:57 AM

Global music fans, get ready to travel to Lagos through the sounds of Tigua's much awaited EP, "This Is Lagos."

Music has infinite power, as seen by Tigua's story. His steadfast love of music sent him on an incredible adventure that took him to the centre of Lagos, the bustling capital of Nigeria, from his birthplace of Antigua. Exposed to the contagious energy and vibrant music environment of Lagos, Tigua's experiences there unquestionably influenced his sound and creative direction, ultimately leading to the production of "This Is Lagos."

This EP that blurs genre boundaries looks to be an interesting mash-up of styles.  Tigua's catchy rhythms from Lagos blend in well with his Antiguan heritage to create a distinctive soundscape.  With the release of the project's featured artists list, which has some of Nigeria's rising stars including Tha Boy Myles, Lade, Pharaoh DA 47, and Rvenio, excitement for it has skyrocketed.  Renowned producers RewardBeatz and Major Bangz, in addition to Maazi, Dalor Beatz, Enaz, and Dunnie, are adding to the project's star power.  Their combined experience will undoubtedly raise the music to new levels.

With its lively blend of sounds and genres, "This Is Lagos" is more than just an EP; it's a cultural interchange, brought to life by an artist who has accepted the transforming potential of his adoptive city.  Tigua, having developed his sound in the harsh environment of Lagos' music scene, is well-positioned to make waves on a worldwide scale with his stable of foreign collaborators.

Regarding Tigua

Tigua's devotion to music knows no geographical bounds. His incredible journey, which took him from his Caribbean upbringing to the vibrant streets of Lagos, epitomises the ability of music to unite people. The fascinating tale of Tigua doesn't end with "This Is Lagos". His distinct tone and contagious energy will captivate you.

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