6uff - A Force To Reckon With Since Releasing His Latest EP, ‘Menace To Society'

by TurnTable Charts

Jul 3, 2024, 3:09:24 PM

The typical church-to-mainstream artiste transition story might be recurring, but one cannot overlook the undeniable talent of 6UFF. You cannot dispute his thoroughness since he released his first single, “Selfish” in 2009. 

Okoli Onyeka Okwudili, famously known as 6UFF, is a multi-talented song composer, musician, and producer. As a teenager, 6UFF has been invested in refurbishing his music style and now, he’s also a music producer whose skills have greatly improved. The feathers to his cap include projects such as ‘Bad Meets Evil’ EP, ‘Intruder’ EP, and other singles like “Luku Luku”, “Presidenté (Like Gold)”, “V6”, “Van Dijk”, and so on.

 In an interview with PM News, 6UFF  highlighted how he drew his inspiration from legendary Burna uBoy and that did not cease to reflect in the careful loops washing over his well-meaning lyrics. He’s the definition of perfection.

In 2021, “Badda Dan” was released and it became a popular rendition, especially in East Africa making him release a remix featuring Rezman before his tour dates. This has gained 6UFF lots of recognition. 

Deservingly so, 6UFF has put his back to his career while serving the gems in his pockets ranging from his numerous singles to that 5-song EP “Intruder”.

6UFF has not stopped thriving as he announced another EP project ‘Menace to Society’. Setting aside the catchiness of the phrase, this is an avenue to push himself harder. And 6UFF didn't disappoint with each and every song on the project.

The 24-minute EP, ‘Menace of Society’ starts with “Champagne Boi”, the sound is a welcoming upbeat that builds the interest of any listener. “Well$ Fargo” comes immediately after, centred around his tactics for earning money as well as his class and manner of enjoyment. With a sonorous chorus background and strings, “Slogodo” and Commander II” featuring Monaky is 6UFF’s proof of creating classics. “Tsunami”, produced by Telz, revolves around 6UFF’s confession to his object of interest. “Van Dijk” comes up next, followed by “Denge”  featuring popular Ghanaian musician, Yaw Tog. “Born $Inner” and “Public Enemy”  were both produced by Darozi. The project rolls out with the final song, “Redbull” about what keeps 6UFF fulfilled.

The title of the album stands with honorable mentions going to “Slogodo”, “Van Dijk” and “Redbull”. The balance the artiste upheld from the beginning to the very last song is commendable, likewise the consistent use of the IRON tagline. Despite the adaptation to other artistes’ styles, 6UFF stayed true to his sounds. However,  he can try out more features and a wide array of subgenres. Overall, ‘Menace to Society’ should be recommended to everyone, especially devoted fans of Burna Boy. 

Watch out for more from 6UFF!

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