TurnTable Charts Launches Discovery Channel, A Series Dedicated to Music Beyond the Top Charting Songs in Nigeria

by Ayomide Oriowo

Nov 11, 2022, 2:53:41 AM

Our editorial team at TurnTable have been exploring several opportunities for curations over the years. We had the TurnTable NXT series last year, we also had the Songs You Need To Hear Series last year too. Internally, we have had various discussions about what editorial curations to bring back or launch throughout the year. Well, it is our pleasure to announce the Discovery Channel series.

So what is Discovery Channel? Not to be mistaken for the DSTV channel, this is a spotlight series of music and artistes beyond the Top 100 chart(s) in Nigeria. It is a combination of algorithmic and editorial recommendations of music that you should be listening to. We realized that a lot of listeners in Nigeria make use of chart playlists when playing music. This results into two things; one, the disparity between volume of streams between the songs on these charts and the songs outside the chart is too large and two, users are unable to discover music outside the familiar faces.

Who decides the songs on Discovery Channel? This is combination of TTC’s algorithm based on comprehensive data of music charting in Nigeria, and recommendations by our curators. This week, Belema Iyo is in charge of curation.

What the Discovery Channel aims to achieve is create an avenue for you through our playlist and editorials to discover new music and artistes (or songs by big artistes you should be paying attention to). So from the next big artistes to bubbling under songs; from niche genres to deep cuts – you can find them all on Discovery Channel    

Listen to the playlist here

About the three main artistes on the cover of Discovery Channel this week;

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