ESPACIO Invites Listeners into His World with New Music

by Ayomide Oriowo

Nov 18, 2022, 7:19:44 AM

Espacio Dios has been deemed by the bubblegum club to make a stellar contribution to South African music due to his excellent, esoteric production. Young yet composed and uncompromising cadence.

Today, he shares a self-introspective, “Pelo” expresses his hopes for love; he wants his potential love interest to know that he is worth opening up to, being vulnerable around and that is safe to exit their shell. Enlisting Maglera Doe Boy, who shares the same feeling in a minor-toned symphony, with the influences of Setswana and SeSotho.

Pelo” is the first release for the year. “I am so excited to release this single; Pelo cleansed my soul and getting my brother, Maglera to feature on it brought a whole different vibe to it that I absolutely love sonically and lyrically,” Espacio Dios says 

Masego Makganyoha aka Espacio Dios is a 23-year-old musician from the Mafikeng in the North-West province of SA. When Espacio Dios entered into the music industry, he was 17 years old, finding his voice as a rapper and singer with plenty of potentials.

Listen to Pelo and dive into his world of beauty and honesty.


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