Editorial Review: A Captivating Musical Journey of Love, Lust and Loss of Control

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Mar 17, 2023, 11:12:17 AM

Chike and Oxlade's 'Spell': A Captivating Musical Journey of Love, Lust, and Loss of Control

Love is a powerful emotion that can make us feel alive, euphoric, and at times, completely under a spell. Being under a spell of love can be an all-consuming feeling that takes over our entire being, leaving us unable to think or act rationally.

However, what happens when we find ourselves under the spell of the wrong lover? When our heartstrings are pulled in the wrong direction, leading us down a path of heartache and pain.

"Spell" is a song that evokes emotions of attraction, infatuation, and the loss of one's self because of love or lust.

Chike and Oxlade pour their heart and experience of being under a spell with the wrong lover, unable to resist their pull despite the negative consequences. It's a situation many of us have experienced, unable to resist the temptation and allure of someone who we know is not right for us. It's a feeling that can leave us vulnerable, lost, and unsure of how to navigate our emotions.

Chike and Oxlade's collaboration on "Spell" is a powerful testament to the magic that can happen when two talented artists come together. The duo's working atmosphere was described as warm, unforgettable, and full of energy. Oxlade even surprised Chike by recording the song without his knowledge, which speaks to the spontaneity and creativity that can come from collaboration.

When Chike wrote "Spell," he was in an emotional place where he felt that someone else had power over him. The song was inspired by his personal experiences with the loss of control that can come from love or lust. Chike sees himself as a storyteller and tries to paint a picture with his chords and lyrics that will take listeners on a journey through their own experiences.

The instrumentation and arrangement for "Spell" were chosen to complement the emotions that Chike was trying to convey. The piano and guitar are two instruments that inspire him, and producer DeeYasso made sure they were present in the song.

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The music video for "Spell" was made to convey a trance-like feeling of seduction, love, romance, and lust, which was achieved by Director Pink's visionary work.

“Oh the truth be say, I no use my eye” and the line “I no fit deny” Those lines are points of realization. When you realize and admit that this feeling is no longer under your control, affirming that you are under the influence of something is my favourite part. - Chike

Ultimately, what makes "Spell" so special is its ability to capture the feeling of being under someone's spell. It's a feeling that many people can relate to, and Chike's lyrics and Oxlade's vocals combine to create a hauntingly beautiful representation of it.

"Spell" is a testament to the power of collaboration and how music has always been a source of comfort, expression, and guidance for people in various situations. Love, attraction, and relationships are no exceptions. Through the power of music, artists have been able to capture and convey the complex emotions that come with being under a spell with the wrong lover.

From Chike and Oxlade's collaboration on "Spell" to other iconic love songs, the listener is provided with a guide and an outlet to express their feelings and understand their experiences. As we navigate the ups and downs of love and relationships, let us continue to turn to music for solace, understanding, and inspiration.

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