3 Takeaways From T Dollar's Latest Single "Life"

by TurnTable Charts

Mar 24, 2023, 9:46:16 AM

Showing industry in this industry

T dollar came into public consciousness after his song "Rise" made waves on the underground scene. Pleasing street hop renditions are what we had come to expect from him.

The music industry can be cut-throat and punishing to those who fail to innovate. Creating sounds that speak to audiences can be daunting and most times may require a delicate touch of artistry/panaché to achieve.

T dollar has shown that he is ready to dig in and own his sound and space. To contribute significantly to the street hop genre is to understand that the terrain can be a difficult one and choose to stand out. Only truly talented and industrious artists can carefully navigate the terrain. T dollar is proving he has what it takes.

The Ghetto & Street hopsters

It always feels like a prayer, a memoir, a conversation with fate or a date with destiny.

Music borne out of struggle always displays this level of reflection over thunderous or scintillating percussions and gyratable melodies.

"Life" doesn't stray far from the blueprint of its forebears. T dollar and his production team already know where the sweet spots of street hop lay and waste no time hitting those areas in this just over 2 mins song.

Rise for life awaits thee

A generally good listen and a fair attempt at street hop.

We look forward to hearing more from the artist.

No where else to go but up from here.

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