Executive of the Week— Ogaga “Ogagus” Sakpaide

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Apr 1, 2024, 8:03:43 PM

“People say he had it easy but he is really hardworking, has the drive and willingness to progress. I believe when you keep pushing, the force of nature will direct people to help you and take you to the next level. Chike is an amazing person with a magnificent working ethic that’s making him successful.”

-Ogaga “Ogagus” Sakpaide on Chike.

Delving slightly from his usual sounds, Chike recorded and released a song with MohBad named, “Egwu” which is currently spending 4 non-consecutive weeks at No. 1 and 14 weeks on the Official Nigeria Top 100 chart, with a 40.4m on-demand streams has also stayed in the Top 10 songs since its release on December 15th, 2023.

Chike made his mark on February 14th, 2020, when he released the romantic, soulful, and storytelling album, ‘Boo of the Booless’. This amazing project pushed Chike further into the limelight despite his many years of singing. One would recall Chike from the 1st season of The Voice Nigeria where he showcased his talent, drawing the attention of millions of Nigerians to his exhilarating voice. 

After his sudden departure from the Universal Music Group in 2017, Chike didn’t stop at that as he kept demonstrating the level of his capability as an independent artiste. He had released “Out of Love” and “Fancy You” under his former record label. Chike, then, pushed his ‘Boo of the Booless’ album along with ‘The Brother’s Keeper’ released in 2022. ‘Boo of the Booless’ is a romantic project that speaks of growing intimacy, being in love, loyalty, and forgiveness. His debut EP, ‘Dance of the Booless, Vol.1’, is an extension of the initial album, focusing on love. ‘The Brother’s Keeper’, is mixed with Chike’s life adventures, a dash of love, heart-wracking loss, and passing on the mantle of hope. 

Many years after he stood on that stand and bagged the runner-up prize in The Voice, Chike stays true to his art of weaving words that touch the soul, sounds that keep you humming, and a voice that leaves you at peace with yourself. He won The Headies Award for the Best R&B Album in 2023. Chike has also taken up acting roles, including taking the role of Ify in the blockbuster thriller movie, Gangs of Lagos.


In this episode of Executive of the Week, Ogaga “Ogagus” Sakpaide, Chike’s Manager talks about working with Chike, what came about “Egwu”, and the success story so far. 


TTC: Can you tell us about yourself? How long have you been in the music industry and what made you venture into artiste management?

Ogaga: I've been working and moving in the industry since 2012. Despite having a degree in accounting, I've always wanted to do music. I started as a writer and blogger for Hip Hop World and worked in P.R. and music plugins.


I joined X3M Music through Osagie Alonge, who informed me of a manager's role opening. There, I worked with Steve Babaeko and Praiz and met with Yemi Alade, Taye Aliyu, and so on. I acquired managerial skills there, kick-starting my career as an artist manager.

TTC: Would you mind sharing your first encounter with Chike and what it has been like working with him?

Ogaga:I met Chike on The Voice Nigeria show, and while I wasn't his biggest fan at first, I admired his talent and music quality. About a year or two later, we ran into each other at an Eko Hotel event, and we had a great one-on-one conversation. Since then, I've been helping Chike out with various things. At the time, he had just left his record label and was about to release a single. I was working with blog plugins, so I posted about his new single. Chike would send me his projects, and I'd listen to them, review them, and offer him advice. When he was ready to release 'Boo of the Booless,' we worked together on curating it, and then I took on a managerial role.

Like any relationship, ours has had its ups and downs, but one thing about Chike is that he listens, which makes him receptive to feedback and open to change. That's the best part about working with him. While some might say he had it easy, he is a hardworking individual with the drive and willingness to progress. When you keep pushing, the force of nature will direct people to help you and take you to the next level. Chike is a fantastic person with a magnificent work ethic that is propelling him towards success.

TTC: "Egwu" has spent four non-consecutive weeks at No. 1 and 14 weeks on the Official Nigeria Top 100. A major turn-up is credited with earning this feat. How did "Egwu" come about?

Ogaga: I wasn't there at the moment of recording, but I wish I were. Mohbad's manager, Seyi, reached out about collaborating, and they made magic together. They finished recording a couple of songs before Mohbad's demise. Both of them had a good relationship.

"Egwu" is off Chike's typical sonic style, but it is a fantastic song. The online demand was overpowering. Initially, we would push out a different song, "Apple," and shoot a video. I woke up and advised Chike to release "Egwu" because, after the leak, it felt like the right time.

TTC: Aside from being No. 1 on the table, "Egwu" has stayed in the Top 10 songs since its release in 2023. How does this accomplishment make you and the team feel?

Ogaga: We are all grateful for this accomplishment and appreciate the turnout—a big shout-out to the team and fans.


TTC: For over 4 years, Chike has consistently been dropping projects namely, 'Dance of the Booless, Vol.1', 'Boo of the Booless', and lastly, 'The Brother's Keeper', which won the Best R&B Album award at The Headies 2023. Will you say sticking to his indigenous roots and incorporating them into his music is a primary factor in his rise to fame?

Ogaga: It is possible, but Chike's fame is not limited to that. His music is authentic, solid, and honest, which is why things are working and connecting for him. The first album, 'Boo of the Booless', wasn't driven by mainstream sounds, but they are songs that tell stories. Chike makes sincere music that is true to himself.

TTC: In a Twitter post earlier this year, Chike hinted at the release of an upcoming album. How's that coming up and what should we be expecting?

Ogaga: Chike will be releasing his third studio album in June. The album is titled 'Son of Chike' according to a tweet from the artiste. One of the singles on the album is "Egwu", while "Ego Oyibo" is a highlife love-themed song which has already been released. The album is expected to be a masterpiece and could become a cult classic, just like Chike's previous albums including 'The Brother's Keeper' which won 'Best R&B Album' at the Headies and 'Boo of the Booless,' which is highly revered.

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