‘Vibez Incorporation Mixtape' is Ineligible to Appear on This Week's Official Albums Chart in Nigeria As It Fails to Meet Eligibility Criteria

by TurnTable Charts

May 7, 2024, 6:39:49 PM

Can Vibez Inc. Crack the Charts with Daily Single Drops?__

Nigeria's TurnTable Charts has become the leading source for tracking album performance. This influential chart sheds light on previously unknown trends in the Nigerian music market.

In a strategic move, Nigerian artist Seyi Vibez, through his collective, Vibez Inc., has been releasing singles ahead of their mixtape, "Vibez Inc Mixtape Vol 1."

This strategic rollout began on April 30th, 2024, with the first single, "Instagram," featuring Seyi Vibez and new signee Muyeez.  On the coattails of “Instagram's” success," Vibez Inc. wasted no time, dropping "Well Fargo" featuring TML Vibez on May 1st. This track sums up the tale of perseverance and self-belief.

Maintaining the momentum, Vibez Inc. surprised fans with "Ogo" featuring both Seyi Vibez and NG/UK rapper Tion Wayne on May 2nd.  

"Working with Tion Wayne was a fun process," says Seyi Vibez. "One of the things you hope for when collaborating with other artists is that it is genuine, and I can say I've been lucky enough to have this multiple times. 'Ogo' is another example of that."

Continuing their relentless release schedule, Vibez Inc. dropped the high-energy track "Gatti" featuring DwillsHarmony on May 3rd. This uptempo record aims at taking the party a notch higher.

One unique aspect of the rollout is the mixtape's artwork. Each single cover resembles a magazine lead page, while the overall mixtape cover pays homage to the iconic XXL Freshman Class cover.

While fans eagerly await the project's full release, many are curious about its performance on the charts. However, due to eligibility requirements, the first week's numbers won't be reflected until the Albums Chart week of May 3 - May 9, 2024

To qualify for the Official Top 100 Albums Chart, a project must have at least four tracks released within the tracking period, which typically runs Friday to Thursday (in this case, April 26th  - May 2nd, 2024).

You can read more on the Album’s Chart here.

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